Learning to read and write – January 2015

In our homeschooling setup learning is a lot of fun … you even get to write your own stories, and let your sister read it while you act it out!

Cornelius (5) and Annlie (7) partnered in this little tale about “Cornelius and the Kalahari Lion called Blueboy”. Cornelius dictated the script to Carina, who documented it … Lodewyk (3) and Stephan jnr. (1) provided the necessary background sound effects!

Please pray for our homeschooling setup and for us as involved parents, especially for Carina, who takes the lead in learning our children to READ, CREATE AND LOVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY (our motto).

For best quality viewing: Please make sure to select 1080p on the range of HD options when you view this film on YouTube… and turn up your volume 🙂




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